A few words about our shop

RETRO BOATS, INC is an American e-commerce internet retailer company that sells boating and outdoor goods since 1999. RETRO BOATS, INC is headquartered in North Miami, Florida and operates 2 warehouses, on East and West Cost..

RETRO BOATS is a MANUFACTURER and distributor of Saturn inflatable rafts, boats, KaBoats, kayaks, and SUPs, as well as Azzurro Mare and Mars inflatable boats.

All SATURN, Azzurro Mare, and Mars boats, rafts, KaBoats, and kayaks were designed and manufactured by RETRO BOATS.

SATURN and KaBoat have registered trademarks of RETRO BOATS, INC. KaBoat series of narrow inflatable boats were invented by RETRO BOATS in 2006, as outlined on our KaBoat web page.

RETRO BOATS has several dealers, including SaturnRafts.com, SaturnBoats.com in Idaho, and a dealer in Canada. Please visit our Dealers page for more information. Triton is a variation of Saturn made exclusively for our dealer in Idaho.
For RETRO BOATS there is nothing new about inventing new and innovative products – we have been doing this for over 20 years. We are passionate about creating things. We constantly develop new products with a single purpose – to make it more fun. There are many copycats of our products. Accept no substitute.
Our Low Price Promise: RETRO BOATS.com always strives to offer the lowest price possible on its products. Doing so means that you will receive the greatest value. However, if you happen to find a lower-priced in-stock item advertised elsewhere, please call or e-mail us and in most cases, we’ll match it or beat it. We are committed to earning your trust and respect by offering friendly service, ongoing support, and of course – great value.